billBill Player, Ph.D.
Relationship Therapist

Bio Page:

This page provides information about Dr. Player’s education, professional credentials and experience, as well as some of his thoughts about how he conducts  individual and group therapy and marriage and relationship counseling.


Professional Experience:

Dr. Player has devoted thirty-five years to helping individuals and couples resolve their hurt and anger while developing deeper and more intimate relationships and vastly improved lives.



Dr. Player earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at New York University. He also has a total of four years of postdoctoral training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


Contact Him Personally:

Should you have further questions, or just to get a better feel for what your psychotherapeutic experience with me might be like, please all to speak with me personally. And, certainly, we could then set up a time to meet face to face.


Bill would love to get to know you.

Just call him, anytime, perhaps right now…
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