Relational Group Therapy

Resolve your hurt and anger while developing a capacity for greater relational intimacy with others and develop a more relational and satisfying self through our group therapies.

Discover new ways to achieving greater closeness with significant others, with friends or others in their larger social milieu. Relational Group Therapy is designed to help individuals get in touch with what they are actually experiencing in the moment and to develop their ability to express their feelings in a manner that is both direct and gentle, can be heard, and taken in non-defensively by others.

If you have a tendency to protect yourself with defensive anger, shutdown or other types of inauthentic behavior, relational group therapy might be the right solution for you.

What is Relational Group Therapy?

While most therapies address specific behavioral issues such as gaining cognitive control over body weight or smoking, relational group therapy addresses something both profound and more subtle: the way we relate to our own thoughts and feelings towards others and how we can then connect more deeply and less defensively.

Relational Group Therapy is extremely powerful, cost-effective and can transform your experience of being alive and of this world.

Relate Better With Just About Anybody

Without question, relational group therapy helps individuals to become more capable of relating to others in a more empathic and less reactive manner. In addition, this therapeutic modality allows members to get in touch with their own feelings and reduce the power of their defensive styles. You’ll be able to reestablish contact with desires that might have been lost or clouded over through dissociation, projective identification and a variety of other ploys.

Group Therapy Will Help You:

  • Better understand how earlier experiences lead to relational patterns that influence your perceptions, expectations, and emotional responses in current interactions.
  • Express your feelings in a manner that will evoke compassionate understanding and empathy, rather than defensiveness in others.
  • Develop a healthier interactional style that will result in more rewarding relationships.


How is it done?

Each therapy group is made up of 5 to 8 individuals, both men and women of similar interests and backgrounds, and meets once weekly over time. Each session is ninety minutes long.  Groups are comprised of adult individuals who have a common desire to improve their abilities to engage and sustain more rewarding relationships.

Group members usually discover how ownership of their capacity to experience their feelings translates directly into greater authenticity, less defensive anger, less incapacitating anxiety and a deeper capacity for more intimate and therefore more rewarding relationships.

As a relational therapy group evolves, individual members experience healthier, more effective means of dealing with their emotions in the group venue, and then in virtually all situations outside the group setting.

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