Individual Therapy and Counseling

Become a healthier and stronger individual, have more intimate and rewarding relationships, and lead a happier, more productive life.

Individual therapy can be enormously helpful for people who are having difficulties in life, their relationships, or trying to find relief from anxiety, depression or personality disorders.

Why do I (or a loved one) need therapy?

As human beings, we develop fundamental and enduring styles of social interaction. They enable us to make sense of the tremendous amount of data that enters our brains through our senses. These organizing structures usually lie outside of conscious awareness. They determine, for better or worse, how we interact reflexively with spouses, children, co-workers, and everybody else largely according to patterns developed during bygone eras. That’s the bad news.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy opens space for and usually results in growth of new and healthier internalized organizing structures that will largely displace the older, unhealthy ones, thus enabling us to build better, deeper, and more lasting relationships.

How is it done?

Towards making a client’s experience in therapy one that will foster maximum emotional growth, I do my utmost to relate in an authentic and empathic manner. When appropriate, I share my feelings and insights; I acknowledge my mistakes; and, I encourage my clients to do the same. I.e.: I encourage them to become more empathic, more vulnerable, and more authentic, first with me and then with everybody else.

Though much of my work tends to focus on what is going on in a client’s current life, it was generally during one’s childhood, when interacting with his or her parents, that fundamental organizing patterns of social interaction were first developed and internalized.

Most often, our clients’ lives are truly transformed by the work that we do together. Clients experience greater intimacy in all their relationships and increased gratification in virtually every phase of their lives.

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