Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy

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Let the specialized therapy sessions at Santa Fe Psychotherapy lead you to better, more intimate and fulfilling relationships and revitalize your life.

If you feel you are becoming more distraught, angrier, and more distant from the most important person in your life, the couples therapy sessions from Santa Fe Psychotherapy can benefit you, your loved one, and your relationship.

Individual and Couples Therapy Go Hand in Hand

While couples therapy helps you address issues together, individual therapy would also give you added opportunities to explore and metabolize any difficult material that should emerge during your couples work. This combination provides additional insight and information that can be applied to your couples sessions.

How is it done?

Should you decide to explore couples, marriage counseling, or individual therapy, our therapist will help you verbalize and own your feelings and to listen with greater and reflected empathy to your partner’s verbal and nonverbal communications.

As therapy progresses, we will increasingly explore how earlier life events color how you and your partner experience and respond to one another. In most cases, we will begin with a primary focus on how each of you holds things back in order to protect the relationship and, by doing so, might be negatively affecting it instead.

Either or both of you may have some difficulties in communicating feelings as feelings rather than as judgments regarding the failings of your partner. As counseling proceeds, we will explore age-old and destructive relational patterns and attempt to open up and practice new and more rewarding ways to reestablish and maintain emotional intimacy.

Marriage and couples counseling from a relational/psychodynamic perspective.

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